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Team Human is a weekly podcast and set of resources enabling human intervention in the economic, technological, and social programs that determine how we live, work, and interact. This is media as cultural resistance and a path to social change.



episode 137: Bryan Walsh "Avoiding Apocalypse" + Real People, Doing Real Things w/ Adrienne Haynes

Playing for Team Human today, former TIME International Editor, Bryan Walsh. 
Bryan Walsh joins team human to share his thoughts on why the end of humankind seems so inevitable and the ways we might avoid imminent crisis. In his new book, End Times:A Brief Guide to the End of the World, Walsh explores how the threats of asteroids, supervolcanoes, nuclear war, climate change, disease pandemics, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and extraterrestrial intelligence might actually be avoided through innovative news ideas and collective action.
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On this Episode we launch a brand new segment, “Real People, Doing Real Things.” Joining us for our inaugural slot is attorney & businesswoman, Adrianne Haynes. She joins Team Human to share how she is empowering her local community through the work of her nonprofits, including the Construction Business Institute, Multicultural Business Coalition and Black Female Attorneys Network.
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On this episode you heard Fugazi’s “Foreman’s Dog” in the intro thanks to the kindness of the band and Dischord Records.
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 18 September 2019  54m