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FashionCast - Fashioncast: Ryan Scott Lax, Bucking Trends and the Art of Creating Your Own Look

You’ll be very happy you joined the Fashioncast listening club for this episode folks!  He’s a handsome, educated, experienced, humorous fashionista trend-setting actor, writer, and model—who could ask for a better podcast/YouTube guest?  BTW—did we mention he has a great voice and knows how to use it too! Ryan Scott Lax, Michigan native and all-around good guy, describes how he’s honed his unique “look.”  He details exactly why an actor/celebrity/public figure needs to “work” on their image and build their own fashion identity.  Throughout the interview Ryan places the designer front-and-center as the catalyst between too much individualism and tasteful style.   Finally, Ryan talks about his time in Los Angeles and describes the “LA look,” his love for New York City and its cutting-edge fashion culture, the real difference between acting on stage versus film, and his disdain for casual Fridays!  You know you’re a hit when hard hitting and fast-talking Christine invites you back to the show before the credits even start to roll! Encore!!


 16 September 2019  50m