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Fashioncast: Detroit's Own Stylist Extraordinaire Latrice Delgado-Macon

Perk up listeners, Lady Latrice is in the house! Fashion celebrity stylist and visual merchandiser Latrice Delgado-Macon graces the Fashioncast studios and schools the hosts and audience on the-world-of fashion styling. An entrepreneur stylist and speaker, visual merchandiser, personal development mentor, and radio host for her own show Fashion Talk, Lady Latrice hits it out of the park answering in-depth questions about the roles stylists and designers perform, why visual merchandising is critical in all forms of retail, fashion trends 2020 and beyond, resale in retail, and the ever daunting issue of sustainability in fashion. Finally, Lady Latrice is genuinely a beautiful person inside and out, smart, humorous, and extremely stylish! Put those running shoes on Fashioncast fans, you're going to need them to keep up with this week's fast-paced guest!