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Introducing: The Plastic Challenge

Judith Enck, founder of Beyond Plastics and former EPA Region 2 administrator, helps us sort through all the types of plastics in our lives, and understand exactly how they are making an impact on climate change.As we join other news outlets for #CoveringClimateNow the week of September 16, we’ll be talking to experts and our listeners about real solutions to climate change. And we’re challenging ourselves, our colleagues, and everybody to see, “How low can you go?” when it comes to single-use plastic. Take Brian’s challenge and follow along with Brian all week as we notice/track/reduce/quit our use of single-use plastic. Enter at any level: keep a log, take a picture of all the single-use plastic from your week, or the substitutes or hacks you find to #PlasticChallenge. Use that hashtag on Instagram and Twitter with pictures of things like:

  • The non-plastic cutlery you keep at your desk;
  • The barista refilling your reusable coffee cup
  • Your WNYC eco-tote [or other plastic bag alternative] in action;
  • The log you’ve kept of all the plastic you’ve used or avoided using this week;
  • The pile of discarded single-use plastic you’ve kept just to see how big it gets;
  • The glass jar you take to the bulk-goods store;
  • The single-use plastic you simply can’t do without, and why;
  • And call in to the show with our stories of the ways you #PlasticChallenge!
We know not using plastic won’t solve the climate crisis, but just maybe taking action in defense of the planet could become a habit…Instagram: Use the hashtag #PlasticChallenge and tag us [@brianlehrershow] and look for our stories and posts with some of our tips and hacks throughout the week. And tune in every day for conversations about real-world solutions for the climate crisis.


 13 September 2019  14m