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Slam Radio 363 | Amanda Mussi

Slam Radio 363 with Amanda Mussi Combining the sounds of Detroit techno, acid, disco, house and electro, São Paulo-based DJ, producer and promoter Amanda Mussi works hard to bring something fresh and novel to the scene by creating a captivating and diverse atmosphere on the dance-floor. Amanda is known as a strong presence in the queer underground music scene in her home town São Paulo where she has been holding her monthly party Dûsk for the past 5 years. She also regularly plays as a resident or guest DJ at some of the best events Brazil: Mamba Negra, Dando, Kode, Capslock, Tantsa, DGTL festival, Masterplano and and will debut at Bwen Klock's Photon in her home town. D-Leria - Reborn Andrea - Afen Relic - Dead End Chases Dustmite - Interlacing LPZ - Unreleased Decka - Resistance James Ruskin - We Are Everywhere Amanda Mussi - Diving VTSS - Safe Location Martinelli - Unreleased Aadja - Spiral Tunnel P.Leone - The First Vision Jeanne - Through Me You Enter The Abdoe Of Woe Ferox - Dimi Angélis Crystal Geometry - 63 Moons The Lady Machine - Diligence Heckmann - EBM Lars Huismann - Parallx Bordon - Unreleased Black Lotus - Eclipse (Flug Remix) LPZ - Unreleased D-Leria - Running Against Time Waverunner - Rush Plus


 12 September 2019  59m