Precrease & Collapse, an origami podcast

 Each month, I'll receive an artist or someone who changed the origami  world for the best. Should you be a creator as well, a compulsive folder  or a curious mind, you will have the opportunity to experience their  creative process. From confirmed artists to new talents, from all over  the world, we will talk about what drives them creatively, about their  inside vision of origami. Alongside these interviews, I will entertain  you with book reviews, origami spotting and podcasts suggestions.



episode 1: Gachepapier

There is a saying that behind every great man is a great woman. But, as for today's guest, I dare say that behind him were, once, three little girls. Without them, he might not have emerged as the successful artist we know. So, if you wanna know how Gachepapier's origami path started, stay with me. Welcome to Precrease & Collapse. About Gachepapier : Blog || Instagram || Facebook   Sources : find the links of the books, artists, exhibitions, etc. that Gachepapier talked about on this Diigo page The Great Origami Library  : One water, one world by artists from the SAOC, edited by Nicolas Terry. Available on Origami conquers the world : Origami by Alex Cordo Podcasts  : Alice isn't dead by Night Vale Presents Un épisode et j'arrête by the ACS Creator : Stéphane Gérard Music : Slottskogen Disc Golf Club by Wintergatan


 10 September 2019  38m