Stories We Tell

Judaism has a deep and rich tradition of storytelling, of passing down stories from one generation to the next. To carry on that tradition, Stories We Tell, from, will share a new story with you every Thursday. Whether you listen while driving to work, preparing Shabbat dinner, or taking your kids to school, each episode will give you a new story to reflect on and discuss with the people in your life. Stories We Tell is a project of the Union for Reform Judaism, a leading voice in the discussion of modern Jewish life.



Map Of The World

Sometimes, it may feel like we live in a huge world and that coming together and mending our connections is an enormous task that will take forever. However, as Rabbi Phyllis Sommer reminds us with this week’s story, Map of The World, sometimes, all it takes is one very smart class, a new perspective and a little tape.


 29 August 2019  2m