The Pylon Show

Starcraft talk show hosted by @Artosis discussing both SC2 and SC:R. Topics will range from meta, results, predictions, streamers, builds, matchups etc... nothing is off limits so long as it pertains to Starcraft!



episode 59: ThePylonShow EP.59

Dan shares his thoughts. Followed by Tributes to Geoff from:
@CasuallyE, @KimaPhan, @AlexGarfield, @NiceUsername, @LiviBee, @YoanMerlo, @ViBElol, @MachineUSA, @DiplomatDota, @ZergGirrl, @ZGGaming, @x5PiG, @ThatBronzeGirl, @ROOTCatZ, @Maynarde, @FearDragon64, @RotterdaM08 & @NeuroZerg Wrapped up by a few highlights. Fan art by Special thanks to everyone who has sent in videos & to our assistant editors: @Cobra_X, @nice__username, & @Dro_AA


 16 August 2019  2h21m