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Episode 64: We Love Us Some Android!

In this month's episode James and Matt love Android almost as much as they love going to the dentist ... seriously! There's a ton of Android goodness to discuss and they tackle it all! You've heard of Android Start-up Tracing - now find out how it makes your app faster!
What's all the hubbub about AndroidX? James has got your covered!
And did you know there's a great session from the Xamarin Developer Summit that you can watch that shows you the what, how, and why to optimizing your Android build?!? You bet there is and you can stream it on demand! There's more than Android in this months episode! Visual Studio of Visual Studio for Mac get updates. There's a super cool app out there that does everything you ever wanted with contacts IN FOUR LINES OF CODE! And App Center is releasing features like crazy! All of that, plus the Azure Service of the Month and the Pick of the Pod! As always, get yourself some free Azure here! Show Notes

  • Theming Visual Studio Just Got Easier!
  • Visual Studio 16.2 Release Blog
  • You want VS for Mac updates? We got 'em here!
  • Android Startup Tracing Explained
  • Check out the Android Startup Tracking Video!
  • AndroidX stands for Android eXcellent!
  • AndroidX video! AndroidX video!
  • Xamarin Developer Summit Videos
  • Xamarin Developer Summit Keynote
  • The Future of App Center at the Xamarin Developer Summit
  • Partly Cloudy - Tips and Tricks to Using Azure to Its Fullest at the Xamarin Developer Summit
  • Speed up those Android Build Times! From the Xam Dev Summit
  • Optimize those Android Builds - The Blog
  • World's Best Contacts App
  • WPF and WinForms into App Center
  • All the latest App Center News
Azure Service of the Month!
  • Cloud Shell ALL the things
  • Stay warm and fuzzy in the Storage Explorer GUI
Picks of the Pod!
  • MVVM Helpers
  • State Squid
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 09 August 2019  36m