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#NFB19 Audio: Humanware Flips The Card To Reveal Updates For Keysoft And Victor Reader Trek

The beginning of 2019 found Humanware launching the newest member of the Braille Note family in the form of the upgraded Braille Note Touch Plus. Joe caught up with Andrew Flatres, Braille Product Manager, on the NFB Exhibit Hall floor to talk about customer feedback and how that was impacting the upcoming firmware update for the new notetaker. The duo also discuss a few features rolling out for Braille Displays, deciding which product might fit someone best and how both are avoiding the Las Vegas Casinos. As noted in the interview, there was some additional news coming from the Victor Reader Trek talks held later that day. Here is Robert Panetta , Product Manager for the Victor Readers, who sent along this information via email to us. "Much of the focus this year has been on the navigation component of the VR Trek. Earlier in the year we introduced an update that reduces the time it takes the Trek to lock onto a satellite signal to a matter of seconds. The next piece we have upcoming on the Trek, and we're very excited about, is an updated navigation engine due out by the end of the year. Users can expect more accurate addresses, richer points of interest, and a better overall navigation performance. We'll also try to bring in a number of other feature requests people have made, but still too early to comment on those changes yet." To learn more about the Victor Reader Trek, the Braille Note Touch Plus and so much more, visit the Humanware website


 07 August 2019  9m