Hard On!

Hard On! is a podcast featuring Shawn Barnes and Jay Leonard. Listen as the guys go hard on what's going on in their lives and around the world. Heck, they even have guests once and a while. ***EXPLICIT CONTENT***




Hard On! 190: Planet b234

In this episode the guys sit down with husband and wife filmmakers, Jorge Luna & Keelie Sheridan and discuss their upcoming feature, Planet b234. Executive Producer: Ian Weintraub Director of Photography: @joespit137 Costume Designer: @carlos_corletti Writer/ Actor/ Producer: @jorgelunadj Producer: @jay_the_wolverine_friedman Composer: @cesardavilairizarry Composer: @cimarquez Foley: @diego_benalcazar Actor: @yokko428 Actor: @ottolunacaratini Director/ Writer/ Producer: @keeliesheridan Film: @planet234


 04 August 2019  1h6m