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What A Cartoon! - Neon Genesis Evangelion "Both of You, Dance Like You Wanna Win!" With Special Guests Ian Jones-Quartey And Toby Jones

Third Impact has arrived on our podcast as OK KO: Let's Be Heroes' showrunners/animation experts Ian Jones-Quartey and Toby Jones return for our Evangelion episode! We go deep into the career of Hideaki Anno as he went from an animation prodigy to one of the most daring animation directors to ever live. We talk about the show's enduring popularity, its continuing controversy, the multiple localizations in the United States, and our love for the exuberant episode full of dance and personal interaction! Listen now to fly straight to the moon! Support this podcast and get dozens of bonus episodes by visiting Patreon.com/TalkingSimpsons and becoming a patron! This podcast is brought to you by the streaming network VRV: home to cartoons, anime, and so much more! Visit VRV.co/WAC to sign up for your FREE 30-day trial and kick a little money back to your friends at the Talking Simpsons Network!  


 29 July 2019  2h24m