How and why does music impact human behavior? Each episode we dive into music psychology and music science research from a music therapist's perspective. Come away with practical tips for how you can apply what you learn about music into your everyday life.Find more information on the research articles and music included in each episode at our website, Follow us on Twitter (@instrumentalpod) and Facebook for the latest news and updates!



episode 5: Music, Movement, and Exercise

How does music impact how we move? Can music help us exercise more efficiently? This episode dives into research that explains what's happening in your spinal cord and brain when you're listening to music during a run or at the gym. This episode features lots of takeaways for when and when not to use music for your workout. For more information on the research articles and music in this episode, go to Follow us on Twitter (@instrumentalpod) for news and updates!


 22 June 2018  27m