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The Argument with Ross Douthat, Michelle Goldberg and David Leonhardt

Michelle Goldberg, Ross Douthat and David Leonhardt are New York Times op-ed columnists and co-hosts of the New York Times's podcast "The Argument." They join us in studio to argue about national politics and to take your calls. We're back with @michelleinbklyn, @DouthatNYT and @DLeonhardt, hosts of the @nytimes podcast The Argument. Tune in at — Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) July 9, 2019"The more effective attack for Democrats to take is a version of the Romney attack in 2020, which is, [Trump is] a rich guy who is not looking out for you," says @DouthatNYT. — Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) July 9, 2019"You do see in plenty of places in the world that Socialists have been able to mount a credible challenge to populist nationalism which to me is an argument for the Democrats to move to the left, particularly on economic issues," says @michelleinbklyn. — Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) July 9, 2019"Religion plays a really guiding role in many people’s lives and I think it’s a problem for liberalism if religious people in Europe and the United States feel as though they have no home in the progressive coalition," says @DLeonhardt. — Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) July 9, 2019


 09 July 2019  58m