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episode 42: 71. Graeme Jon & MrVanDigital - Live Mixology @ Resurrection - 29th June 2019

Funky House/Disco House/Deep House/Tech House.   Okay we're back with our main style... Live at Mixology @ Resurrection Spirits in East Vancouver. This one is house all the way but with a variety of different styles and a nice little 3 hour build-up in intensity and depth. Graeme's at it for the first section then I take over, the back to Graeme, and then me. To me to you to me to you! If you get that reference there's something wrong with you. Anyhow I don't have a list of Graeme's tracks so I'm gonna publish these monster 3 hour sets without a tracklist from now on. If you hear anything you like or recognize, give us a comment. Oh! We're gonna do weekly Mixology starting August on Fridays so buckle in for a ride!


 08 July 2019  3h0m