Welcome to Tinsel Town: A Christmas Adventure

After making a wish on the Christmas Star, Holly finds herself popping in and out of Tinsel Town, a magical place where it’s Christmas everyday. But after getting stuck there, her friends - a giant candy cane, a mysterious ornament, and a polar bear Queen - need to band together to help her get home. As things start to fall apart in Tinsel Town, the curmudgeonly Conductor accuses Holly of ruining Christmas and does everything in his power to try to ban her from celebrating ever again. Will Holly and her friends figure out where her wish went wrong in time to get her home for the holidays? "Welcome to Tinsel Town" is a Christmas podcast audio drama, suitable for all ages. All episodes are available now!




episode 5: 5. Taking Flight

Armed with their information from the library, Holly, Cornelius, and Remington know how to find the Christmas Star, but they need a pilot to take them to the highest peak in the mountains. A daredevil sleighmaker agrees to take them to the Christmas Star’s house, but things don’t quite go as planned. Later, at the town’s monthly Christmas block party, Holly meets an unexpected guest. SUPPORT THE SHOW This episode is sponsored by Audible. Visit audibletrial.com/tinseltown and sign up for a free 30 day trial to receive your FREE audiobook. Get that Tinsel Town Merch! Visit the Welcome to Tinsel Town store. WELCOME TO TINSEL TOWN "Welcome to Tinsel Town" is a Triangle Content production Executive Producer – Dave Keine Written and Directed by Adam Ganong & Jenna Knorr Music & Audio Production by Adam Ganong Script Editor – Alex Rioux Additional Writing by Dave Keine Additional Music by Ken Miller Cast

  • Jenna Knorr
  • Adam Ganong
  • Alex Rioux
  • Sharisse LeBrun
  • Jean-Michel Cliche
  • Kira Chisholm
  • Hannah Blizzard
  • Jake Knorr
Additional Cast
  • Dave Keine
  • Daniel Ganong
  • Philip Hall
  • Wayne Knorr
Special Thanks to
  • Dorothy Keine
  • Wayne & Susan Knorr
  • Adam Raymonda
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 22 November 2018  16m