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TWC9: VS Code Updates, Microsoft and Oracle, GitHub Desktop 2.0, Xbox Body Wash and more | This Week On Channel 9

This Week on Channel 9, Christina is back from international travel and a few days off (WE WERE NOT CANCELED), is sporting her Rocket t-shirt and is ready got get into the week's latest dev news, including:

  • [00:35] Insider Dev Tour
  • [01:17] Microsoft and Oracle Announce Cloud Partnership
  • [02:20] GitHub Desktop 2.0
  • [03:10] GitHub Repository Templates
  • [03:37] Swift Packages Come to GitHub Package Repository
  • [03:54] Visual Studio Code May 2019 Update(and check out the SynthWave 84 theme
  • [04:42] Windows Terminal Contributor's Guide
  • [05:13] How WSL Allows Access to Windows Files
  • [05:55] #FiveThings About GraphQL
  • [06:08] Visual Studio Toolbox and IntelliSense
  • [06:16] Careers Behind the Code with David Fowler
  • [06:26] IoT Show: Azure IoT Edge Security Model
  • [06:35] Trying Out Try .NET and the Try.NET project
  • [07:07] Sarah Drasner's CSS Grid Generator
  • [07:25] Christina's Pick of the Week: Xbox Body Wash
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 08 June 2019  8m