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Episode 62: Xamarin.Forms 4 - Who Could Ask For More?

Wait no more to set a high score with Xamarin.Forms 4, it ain't no bore! That's right, Xamarin.Forms 4.0 has officially been released and it's on fire! Join James and Matt as they discuss the new features of 4.0, preview this summer's Xamarin Developer Summit, talk about some Android fun, and explore the ins and outs of Azure Event Grid. As always, get yourself some free Azure here! Show Notes

  • Office hours are back!
  • Xamarin.Forms 4.0 Intro Blog
  • Intro to Shell Blog
  • The Docs for Shell
  • Can you believe the Shell navigation?!?
  • Find out what makes those Android fast renderers so fastt!
  • Unify all the ImageSourceTypes
  • You gotta be kidding me - Xamarin.Forms 4.1?!?
  • Join us at the Xamarin Developer Summit!
  • Prep those Droid apps for Google 64 bit
  • Get a deeper dive into all that 64 bit goodness
  • Demystify Android SSL and cleartext!
  • Check out Merge Conflict for all the WWDC news
  • MSAL 4.0 - Auth All the Things!
  • Microsoft Learn - IT'S STILL FREE!!!
  • Cloud Shell seem cool? Learn more!
  • Azure Event Grid Overview
  • Hanselman.Forms
  • Pick of the Pod - Pancake View
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 07 June 2019  43m