Adapt is a show all about the iPad, where two iPad-first users challenge each other to explore new ways of doing things with their favorite device. Hosted by Federico Viticci and Ryan Christoffel.



iOS 13 Wishes, HomeKit Experiments, and Writing in Apple Notes

Ryan tries new HomeKit options on his iPad, Federico writes and publishes an article from Notes, then the guys share their top two iOS 13 wishes for iPad.Links and Show Notes:Apps Mentioned

  • Home
  • HomeCam
  • iA Writer
  • Things 3
  • Luna Display
  • Ferrite Recording Studio
  • Ryan's widgets in the third-party Home app
  • Previewing Markdown from Apple Notes using Shortcuts
  • Federico's iPad podcasting setup
Other Links
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  • iOS 11: The MacStories Review - Type to Siri
  • Shortcuts 2.2 Brings New Apple Notes Actions, Travel Time Enhancements - MacStories
  • Linked Post ⇾ Apple Notes - Shortcut
  • John Gruber Markdown Guide
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  • 'Parking Meters in a Dirt Lot', with Special Guest Merlin Mann - The Talk Show
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 30 May 2019  1h6m