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Season 2 - Episode 10: Huawei or the Highway?

Disclaimer May contain mature references Chitchat

  • Conor has been playing ???? with Android Q Beta
  • Mike has been skiving on the Continent ????
  • South Korean government might switch to Linux ????????????????, original source here. Beware of the going the Munich route.
  • US ???? companies banned from doing business with Huawei ????
    • ????Stock exchange impact
    • Huawei’s own app store
    • Ban postponed till August
    • Deepdive into Huawei’s current suppliers and future options
  • Firefox 67 is out, ???????? Mozilla claims speed improvements
    • Linus Tech Tips video about Microsoft Edge
  • Antergos Linux project ends ????. The original announcment
    • Alternatives:
      • A lightweight distro based on OpenBox: ArchBang
      • An allrounder with many flavours: Manjaro
      • For people who don’t like SystemD: Artix
      • Started out based on Arch, now has it’s own repos: Chakra
      • Free software-only: Parabola
      • Full list on Arch Wiki
      • For pentesting: ArchStrike and BlackArch
  • We’re doing it live ???????? at FOSS Talk Live
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 26 May 2019  1h1m