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A new way to Try .NET | On .NET

 Learning a programming language is becoming a such fundamental aspect of education across the world. We're always looking for new and interesting ways to teach programming to learners at all levels.Live from Microsoft Build 2019,  we had Maria Naggaga come on to show us the Try .NET project. She shows us how this simple tool will allow us to create interactive documentation, workshops, and other interesting learning experiences.

  • [00:26] - What is Try .NET
  • [01:40] - Try .NET in the .NET documentation
  • [03:50] - Using the Try .NET global tool
  • [06:25] - Opening a Try .NET project in your editor
  • [10:00] - Getting started
  • [10:52] - Try .NET and
 Useful Links
  • Create Interactive .NET Documentation with Try .NET
  • Try .NET homepage
  • Introducing the Try .NET Global Tool
  • Try .NET GitHub repo
  • Try .NET samples


 21 May 2019  12m