Sundays From Harlem

Sundays From Harlem is a deep house music show that is focused on LISTENERS instead of DANCERS. There's a lot of great house music out there which is full of musicianship which gets overlooked for the louder, more obnoxious music which occupies dance floors on peak night.....Not this show



Sundays From Harlem on Ibiza Live Radio #161 (Originally aired on May 19th, 2019)

I LOVED putting this session together because it had a healthy mix of new deep house music, and deep house music from about 20yrs ago. We started the session with Doug Gomez, one of the masters of the 'Organic' deep house sound. Then we move into a modern day classic by Ananda Project called, 'Where the Music Takes you." After the organic track, and then the somewhat classic track, I bang the box with a brand new track by Jansons Feat. Dope Earth Alie called, 'Switch"....From the way the first three songs go down, you can get a perfect feel for whats upcoming in the next two hours. We weave in and out of the different genre's of house music that is geared for all of the listeners out there who are not at all interested in posing. This is pure house music y'all and I'm so glad you're on board.... Tune in every Sunday when we air on Ibiza Live Radio with a fresh new episode. **PLAYLIST** 01) Ritmo Sagrado-Doug Gomez, Conway Kasey 02) Where The Music Takes You-Ananda Project 03) Switch-Jansons Feat. Dope Earth Alien 04) Ooto (Out Of The Ordinary)-Atjazz 05) Mission (Jaxx Madicine Remix)-Kyoto Jazz Sextet, 06) Land of Love-Ron Trent, Teddy Douglas 07) Wisdom of a Million Years-Martin East Project feat. Lisa Donnelly 08) African Rain-DJ Oji Aka 09) Space Time-Fred Everything 10) The Rapture Pt.II-&Me 11) And Other Worlds (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Mix)-Jazzmattik 12) All That Matters-Reelsoul, Mark Di Meo 13) Issa House Thing-Steven Stone, Nicole Mitchell 14) Tired Little One-Bah Samba feat. Quentin Harris 15) Baia Negra (Doug Gomez Remix)-Rino(IO)DJ, Emi Nastasi 16) Lonely Romance-Matt Samo 17) Packing For Chicago (Terry Hunter Remix)-Zo!, Muhsinah 18) Swimming Places (Purple Disco Machine Re-Work)-Julien Jabre


 20 May 2019  2h0m