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episode 7: Dovetales Talks About Motivational Gifts

Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do or say the things you say? Join Dovetales as we dive into Discovering Your Motivational Gifts; a book by Don & Katie Fortune that will help you recognize who you are in the body of Christ. It can be very difficult to figure out where you belong, and where you should invest your energy after deciding to live for Him. Well, this wonderful book ,that we will discuss in detail, will answer whether you are a :Perceiver( the eyes of the body), Server (the hands of the body), Teacher (the mind of the body),Exhorter (the mouth of the body), Giver (the arms of the body), Administrator (the shoulders of the body),or Compassionate Person (the heart of the body). Download stitcher app on your mobile device or click on link. Download the stitcher app on your mobile device. Or, click on link here.


 21 October 2018  59m