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episode 34: Let's Talk About It with Jenny White/What is Hospice Care and when to use it.

What is hospice care and why is it important for senior citizens? Well, this type of care is considered end-of-life care where a team of registered health care professionals provide services and support. There are qualifications you have to meet prior to being on hospice. A team, which consists of doctors, nurses, counselors, social workers, pharmacists, aids, homemakers, volunteers and more. The ones who qualify for these services can receive medical, psychological and spiritual support. The caregivers will attempt to control as much pain as they can in order to give as much confort during the final days of the patient as possible. Some signs to know when to begin hospice care are: when a patient sleeps excessively throughout the day, has significant unplanned weight loss, difficulty breathing or has multiple hospital visits and stays within a short period of time. If a family member is unsure of when to begin hospice care for a loved one, then scheduling an appointment with the insurance provider or doctor will be the first step.


 08 December 2018  1h18m