K38 - Never Quit Challenge

K38 is the world-wide authority in Rescue Water Craft education, operations and safety for RWC or Personal Watercraft applications. K38's founder Shawn Alladio has received numerous water safety awards and is the Promoter of a variety of Never Quit Challenges




The History of Jetskis - Art 'The Ace' Chambers - Episode 6

Welcome to The History of Jet Skis! Where we will share with special guests the memories, races, rescues, industry, triumphs and rides with us as we build your Jetski community to preserve the heritage and legacy for future generations to enjoy. We are constantly added new content, so visit often! We appreciate your participation, together we can chronicle the data from the early years of the sport and industry, so the present generation knows where we came from.   Guest presenter:  Art 'The Ace' Chambers Host:  Shawn Alladio Which Generation are you? 1. First Generation-1973-1979 2. Second Generation 1980-1989 3. Third Generation 1990-1999 4. Fourth Generation 2000-2009 5. Fifth Generation 2010+   The History of Jet Skis is a part of our Kanalu K38 - WAKE OF FAME Awards


 22 November 2015  1h32m