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"Extraordinary Measures" - The Craig Carlisle Show

I've been fascinated by what it takes for us to finally give up on our plan for life and pick up God's plan.  Great examples are of entertainers that live such savage lives while they're young, yet turn to God and the church during the later moments in their lives.  The moments when the popular culture has deamed them too old, irrelevent, and no longer trending.  Everyday people do the same.  When we're young, dumb, and full of selfish outcomes, we just wanna do us (and as many others and possible).  But, when and accident happens, bad medical report pops up, or life appears to be ending, God is the answer for us.  Why does it take all that to follow Christ?  Should it?  What about in your life?  What or who are you following, liking, and giving influence?  There's a point in your life that you have to understand who and why you're following, liking, and/or serving.


 13 April 2019  59m