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episode 5: Svezhaque @, s05e05

New music @ (Mon - Fri 11-12 AM) Tracklist: Bluesniks - Scattin'
Boss Cuts - Surfing Cannibal
Adam Bishop - Desperate Men at War with a Vast Conspiracy
Blue Wave Theory - Black Ice
Frankie and the Pool Boys - Game of Thrones Theme
The Rockin Henrys - Werewolf Boy
Bobby "Guitar" Porembski - High Plains Drifter
Danny "O" & The Astrotones - Drinkin' on a School Night
Ben Pryer & The Lucky Dogs - Dream Lover
The Jagaloons - Bongo Banana
Mike Bell - Hit & Run
Midnight Kings - Too Many Momos
Didi Wray - Chica Surf
Johnny7 and the Black Crabs - All I Can Do Is Cry
Dark Bottle - Dark Bottle  Become a supporter of this podcast:


 15 May 2019  44m