Adapt is a show all about the iPad, where two iPad-first users challenge each other to explore new ways of doing things with their favorite device. Hosted by Federico Viticci and Ryan Christoffel.



Custom Keyboards and the iPad Multitasking System

Introducing Adapt, a show where Federico Viticci and Ryan Christoffel challenge each other to do new things on the iPad. On this debut episode, Federico investigates being productive using third-party software keyboards, then he and Ryan discuss ways they use the iPad’s multitasking system in everyday life.Links and Show Notes:Apps Mentioned

  • Gboard
  • Yoink
  • Copied
  • CLIP+
  • Pythonista
  • Spark
  • iA Writer
  • Ulysses
  • Working Copy
  • Pretext
  • MindNode
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 15 May 2019  1h3m