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Episode 61: Build 2019 Recap Extravaganza!

It's the first full week in May and that can only mean one thing - it's Microsoft //Build time!! Join James and Matt as they recap the highlights and announcements from this year's Build event. As always, get yourself some free Azure here! Show Notes

  • Build playlist on Xamarin YouTube channel
  • .NET 5 announcement
  • Visual Studio App Center Auth
  • Visual Studio App Center Data
  • Visual Studio App Center announcements
  • Big-time updates to Cognitive Services
  • Cognitive Services Personalizer
  • Cognitive Services Forms Recognizer
  • Cognitive Services on Containers
  • Visual Studio Online
  • Cloud Shell Editor - VS Code in the Portal!
  • Windows Terminal
  • Xamarin API docs open sourced
  • Xamarin courses on Microsoft Learn - FREE!!!
  • CollectionView Challenge PRs
  • Shrink You Android App Size
  • The new
  • Use GitHub to sign-in to the Azure portal
  • ... and associate your GitHub and Microsoft accounts...
  • CaptionR
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 10 May 2019  52m