South Figaro Podcast

The South Figaro Podcast features some of the most passionate fans from the Penny Arcade community gathering together to discuss the past, present, and future of the Final Fantasy series in addition to other similarly-themed games and topics. Listen in as we share fond memories and lingering criticisms of classic Final Fantasy games while also looking toward the future of the long-running RPG series. Occasional discussions including anime and movies may also follow.



Episode 153: Learn To Goggle

Blue Map and Shadowfire join me for another pow-wow about the latest gaming gossip, including the sneak peak at Sony's specs for the Playstation 5 (?), how the latest event reward may have killed Final Fantasy XIV's lore, the madness of randomizer mods, a deserved cheer for Shazam! and a disappointing jeer for Dark Phoenix (from what we've heard, anyway).


 24 April 2019  2h14m