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episode 6: Surfin’ Safari, s04e06

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Tracklist: The Terrorsaurs - Estampida The Ventures - Wheels Martin Cilia - The Crusher Satan's Pilgrims - The Fireball Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Budapest Incident Mark Malibu and The Wasagas - Crazy Mouse Toro Jones - Bat Outta Hell! Amphibian Man - The Tower of Babel Playboys - Desperado The Ghiblis - Lazy Odyssey Gary Hoey - Surfin' USA The Blue Stingrays - Surfer's Life Los Venturas - Pradesh Hypno Beat Urban Surf Kings - Cowboy X The Aquaholics - Surfin' Bird The Route 66 Killers - The Devil's Martini The Space Cossacks - The Apes Of Wrath The Breakaways - Cat People The Ron-De-Voo's - Pipeline “66” The Esquires - Flashin' Red The Boss Jaguars - The Pony Express Rides Again The Phantom Surfers - Endurance Rally The GnarlyMen - Cataveña Introducers - Trinity Become a supporter of this podcast:


 16 April 2019  59m