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episode 5: Surfin’ Safari, s04e05

Surf music @ Tracklist: The Rogue Waves - Boom Zap Kapow The Space Cossacks - Cossack Rocket Patrol The Coffin Daggers - Out Of Limits Santos Morcegos!!! - Porto Piche Martin Cilia - Freakout The Surfaris - Similau Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Robot A Go Go Amphibian Man - Temple of Marduk Urban Surf Kings - Surf Monkey Pointbreak - Chuck Norris Impala - Tomb Of The Tupelo Twin The Terrorsaurs - Moose Call Gein And The Graverobbers - Left Hand Path The Lively Ones - Hotdoggen Dick Dale - Mr Eliminator Los Coronas - Way To San Jose The Head Henchmen - Apache Slacktone - Nocturne Chum - Strummer The Kilaueas - Monkey Spy The Creations - The Crash Treble Spankers - Ultra Wave Plastic Section - I'm A Loser Become a supporter of this podcast:


 09 April 2019  59m