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episode 2: Svezhaque @, s05e02

New music @ (Mon - Fri 11-12 AM)
Tracklist: BOOM! BOOM! DELUXE - Slap That Bottom
Los Alamos - Malagueña
Beechcraft Bonanza - Hung Up and Blue
Secret Admirer - Wildchild
Bluesniks - Jonesin'
Amphibian Man - It Won't Be Long
Cameron Smith - A Good Way to Say Goodbye
Boogie Company - I Need You
Second Balcony Jump - Take This Ring
Albert Gines - Ginchy
Richard Cheese - Rape Me
The Surf Mist - Sugarloaf Rock
The Kaams - Don't Forget My Name
Meghan Parnell & Bill King - Try a Little Tenderness
The Green Reflectors - Deora
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 27 March 2019  53m