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Episode 59: POP! New docs, blogs, customer showcases, and Twitch streams!

Lots of new great stuff to talk about this month! New, new, new web pages galore! Xamarin landing documentation page, Xamarin development blog, and customer app showcase! James tells us how to debug ASP.NET Core Web APIs from Android, and find out what POP means. All of that this month and more! Show Notes

  • Brand new Xamarin documentation landing page!
  • One stop shop for all the Microsoft development blogs
  • Xamarin app customer showcase - get inspired!
  • XamU getting Twitch-y
  • The Twitch Live Coders team
  • Catch James on Twitch
  • Updatng the Hanselman.Forms app
  • Debug those ASP.NET Web APIs on Android Emulators
  • Primo PDFs with SyncFusion
  • Pop! Pop! UI Testing with the Page Object Pattern
  • Become a speaker at Microsoft //Build
  • Get your //Build tickets!
  • Explore the new App Center features. Raise and comment on the issues for the features too!
  • Azure App Configurations - one config to rule them all
  • Xamarin.Forms 3.5 release notes
  • 5 Things You'll Love About Xamarin.Forms 3.5
  • Xamarin.Forms Essentials 1.1.0
  • Visual Studio 2019 RC notes
  • Visual Studio for Mac Preview 3
  • MSAL 3.0 Preview
  • Forms 9-patch all the things - the forum post
  • Forms 9-patch all the things - the website
  • Forms 9-patch all the things - the guide
  • Selected / Unselected Xamarin.Forms tab colors
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 08 March 2019  36m