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episode 6: Surfin’ Safari, s03e06

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Tracklist: The Route 66 Killers - Baba Yaga The Trashmen - Walkin' My Baby Les Robots - Big Trouble In Outer Space Los Coronas - Largo 32 The Ramblers - Ticonderoga Mark Malibu and The Wasagas - Wasaga Surfing Time The Charades Band - Sophia Martin Cilia - The Odd One Out Man or Astro-Man - Mystery Meat The Ventures - Sleepwalk Dick Dale - Riders In The Sky Los Pilot Cats - Surfing Blue The Surfaris - Similau Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Riviera Drive Impala - Hell Of A Woman Satan's Pilgrims - Uphill Scramble The Centurions - Vesuvius The Beach Boys - Let's Go Trippin' The Revels - Soft Top The Huaraches - Paper or Plastics? The Lively Ones - Caterpillar Crawl Ted Boys Marinos - Space Station The Space Cossacks - The Apes Of Wrath The Deep - Red Rocket
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 18 February 2019  59m