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SciCafe: Teaming Up with Robots with Julie Shah

Imagine a robot that knows without being told which tool to hand to an autoworker, or how to match hospital patients with the most appropriate medical staff. The next generation of robotics may be capable of complex tasks like these—able to learn on the job and better anticipate the needs of human coworkers. Join Julie Shah of MIT to find out how scientists are creating smarter, safer robots, and the ways these new technologies have the potential to save both money and lives. A video version of this SciCafe will be available on the Museum’s YouTube channel on Saturday, January 26. For a full transcript of this podcast, please visit This SciCafe took place at the Museum on January 2, 2019. Subscribe to the Science@AMNH Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, or wherever you get your podcasts. For information about upcoming events at the Museum, visit


 24 January 2019  37m