Pounded In The Butt By My Own Podcast

Celebrity guests perform the unique erotic stories of world famous author Chuck Tingle in an attempt to prove that love is real. Whether you’re new to the Tingleverse or have lived there for years, this is the podcast about love that you never knew you needed.




Pounded In The Butt By The Unexpectedly Early Arrival Of Christmas Decorations, read by Stephen Winter

Do you hear what I hear? A special holiday episode of Pounded In The Butt By My Own Podcast! Stephen Winter, co-creator of the new podcast Adventures in New America, performs the classic tale of a man whose silent night is interrupted by the physical manifestation of his worst fear, who is handsome. Written and hosted by Chuck Tingle. Get the book on Amazon. A Night Vale Presents production. Editor, Sound Designer, and Audio Engineer: Vincent Cacchione
Producer: Christy Gressman
Assistant Producer: Adam Cecil Theme Song: “Proving Love Is Real” by Caged Animals Very special thanks to Joseph Fink



 20 November 2018  43m