Come join Danny (MrMario2011) and Devin (Paranoid Coder) talk about modding, exploiting, a bit of game/console hacking, and everything in between!



episode 37: ModChat 046 - PS4 HDMI-CEC Code Execution, Legal DRM Exemptions, PCSX ReARMed in PlayStation Classic

More news coming out of the Fail0verflow camp with a new write-up detailing possible code execution on all current PS4 hardware models thanks to the console's HDMI-CEC features! We also discuss several new legal changes towards the way DRM can be broken at a federal level. We also get to revisit the PlayStation Classic we fanboyed over with MVG in a previous episode, as news has come out that it uses the open-source PCSX ReARMed emulator as opposed to what many expected to be an in-house, closed-source emulator written by Sony. Other topics include the troubles Fallout 76 could have once it retails, YouTube terminating channels focused on reverse engineering, and more! Stay tuned.


 15 November 2018  2h34m