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episode 7: Svezhaque @, s03e07

Radio no longer discovers new music. We discover New music @ Tracklist: Lew Phillips - Let Me Laugh Avery West ft. Boogie Fleetwood Jr. - The Spill of the Edmund Fitzgerald Tyla J. Pallas - State I'm In (MMXVIII) La Horsa Bianca - Hatbox moment The Low Ranger - I Want To Kill You My Best Friend Annie Oakley - Good Things Whiskey Daredevils - Big Wheel Robyn Adele Anderson - Get Ur Freak On Craig Spader - Burnin' Daylight Andrew London Trio - Bad Habits Big Bon - Gambler's Blues The Primitive Finks - Cave Party Ken Pomeroy - The Sidewalk Song Derek Lee Goodreid - Far Away Down Black Flamingos - Black Swan


 18 October 2018  56m