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episode 6: Svezhaque @, s03e06

Radio no longer discovers new music. We discover New music @ Tracklist: Felines - Outside Complicated Man - Complicated Man Recluse Raccoon - Put In The Time Humanga Danga - Tuna Twister The Bananas - Surfin' Cowboy Bicycle Eaters - Petals of Youth Robyn Adele Anderson - Ain't Misbehavin' Vanessa Paradis - Ces mots simples The Primitive Finks - Fink a Go Go JOIN - Waiting Space Candies - Blindrunner The Rusty Robots - Sweethearts, Kisses, Bloody Knives Hypnotrax - From The Bottom Sharlet Crooks - Walk Alone Mary-Elaine Jenkins - Hold Still


 03 October 2018  55m