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episode 2: Svezhaque @, s02e06

Radio no longer discovers new music. We discover New music @ Tracklist: Mark "Moose" Mendoza - Cries In The Jungle Bluesniks - Aw Shucks, Big Daddy! Sheila K Cameron - Don't Sigh Even Slightly Murder By Death - True Dark Robyn Adele Anderson - Bye Bye Blackbird Josie & The Outlaw - Picking Up The Pieces Jakob Bro - Youth Tongue Tied Twin - Freedom Urban Surf Kings - Tesla Re:Coil rubbur - Flat Tire Blues Catfish John Tisdell - Love in Vain Lewis Vimpany & The Snake Charmers - All I Can Take RJM - Wild Man Cry Sierra Ferrell - Washington by the Sea Tami Neilson - Smoking Gun


 14 July 2018  53m