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Retro Joe's Explosive Takeover - Healthcare, censorship, equality, Elite Dangerous!

Retro Joe joins us for his monthly takeover and it's a fire filled episode wiht many tangents. This week we create the "it's a show about gaming" button. ------ Connect with Graeme ------ {TWITTER} {EMAIL} ------ Connect with Joe ------ {TWITTER} ------ Listen live every Sunday 7pm - 9pm UK time on and ------ Watch our weekly TV show Thursdays 8pm anywhere in the world via YouTube, Twitch or Facebook. ------ Connect with GameFace ------ {APP} {YOUTUBE} {TWITCH} {TWITTER} {FACEBOOK} {INSTAGRAM} {WEBSITE} PLAYLIST Parapa the Rapper - Master Onion Bomber man 2 - Level 1 Theme Turtles in Time: Alleycat Blues Darkforces Theme Shenmue - Bar Yokosuka Road Rash 2 Kirby Superstar - Taking Over the Halbred


 26 June 2018  1h57m