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Dj Trin Producer/Dj/Remixer/CEO of Blade Records.. We are a independant label climbing the ladder one step at a time. ...mixture of Beats,old school beats, Afro house, tribal,Deep .. with a sprinkle of Soul... Trin has been doing this for over 20 years..Resident in clubs like David Nite club in VA.. Paradise in VA Beach.. Sharing the live set with VA own radio station 102.7 live..Sharing same Venus's with Louis Vegas, Nana Vegas, Tony Touch, Martinez Brothers, Tony Humphrey, Black Coffee, Brand Nubian.,Mary J, KRS One, Whoodini, Spun at the Winter Music Festival in Miami since 2000.Drawing a grown is not new to this guy, with his style of putting the folks on the dance floor and maken them sweat wanting leaving them wanting more. Dropping some of his own remixes and with some ol school twist is like riding a bike for him



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 11 May 2016  1h4m