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Ansonix - Chiptune Special

It's our monthly Chiptune focussed show with a playlist by Auracle. We're joined by Irish 8-bit dance musician, Ansonix. ------ Connect with Ansonix ------ {WEBSITE} {FREE MUSIC} {FACEBOOK} {TWITTER} {SOUNDCLOUD} {YOUTUBE} ------ Connect with Graeme ------ {TWITTER} {EMAIL} ------ Connect with Auracle ------ {TWITTER} {SOUNDCLOUD} ------ Listen live every Sunday 7pm - 9pm UK time on and ------ Watch our weekly TV show Thursdays 8pm anywhere in the world via YouTube, Twitch or Facebook. ------ Connect with GameFace ------ {APP} {YOUTUBE} {TWITCH} {TWITTER} {FACEBOOK} {INSTAGRAM} {WEBSITE} PLAYLIST HarleyLikesMusic - Hello [DOWNLOAD Steel City Zone ] Whitely - Sugarblast (Ft. Mizkai )[DOWNLOAD Space Romance: ] Triac - Deep Impact [DOWNLOAD Powers of Two: ] Ansonix - Triumphant [Ready For Battle coming out 22.06: ] Roboctopus - All Outta Bubblegum [DOWNLOAD Victory Lapse: ] Pain Perdu - Balsamique [DOWNLOAD Nouvelle Lune: ] Knife City - Precious Jewel (Sabrepulse remix) [DOWNLOAD Precious Jewel EP: ] TREY_FREY - Show Me (Shirobon remix) [DOWNLOAD Très Frais : ] Zef - Conduit [DOWNLOAD Blackout: ] 2A0X - $4020 [DOWNLOAD Ambush EP: ] J3WEL - Acid99 [DOWNLOAD Sick of This: ] NNNNNNNNNN - Space Bass chang-01 [DOWNLOAD Cosmic Lovely Lovely: ] HarleyLikesMusic - Steel City [DOWNLOAD Steel City Zone on @THEBASEBIT : ] Don't Blink Or You'll Die - Cast Rasp [DOWNLOAD Battle Jazz Classics: ] chibi-tech - Neuromageddon [DOWNLOAD The Mutual Promise: ]


 20 June 2018  1h52m