Strictly Vinyl

Fresh reggae mixes presented inna riddim stylee with minimal effects, a little dubbing and that is basically it. Mixes will be themed in some way or another. Track Names should be there for almost all the songs on all the mixes, and available for purchase in some way or another.



Bout Time

Well It has been a year and half of trials and tribulations, and no podcastery, but I will always be coming back to the sweet sweet sounds of vinyl, especially Roots Reggae! So, here is hopefully the beginning of a new reggae leaf with many many DJ Green mixes to follow. Enjoy a healthy selection of 45s and 12 inchers here with a few of the different sub genres of roots reggae. As always, thanks for checkin out what I love to do on the 1200s. Until Next Time!


 23 October 2012  1h13m