What A Cartoon!

From the creators of Talking Simpsons comes What A Cartoon!, an audio exploration of every cartoon ever! Join hosts Henry Gilbert and Bob Mackey (as well as several guests) for an in-depth look at a different episode of a different cartoon every week!




What A Cartoon! - Samurai Jack "The Princess And The Bounty Hunters"

Our premium patron David Whittington returns for his second pick, the Cartoon Network cult classic Samurai Jack! We dig into the Spaghetti Western-style episode that barely even features the title character. It's one of the most interesting episodes in the series history and we dig into all five of the bounty hunters all trying to find the best way to capture Jack. Learn all about Genndy Tartakovsky's high watermark in American animation with us in this brand new podcast! Support this podcast at Patreon.com/TalkingSimpsons! Also, try a free 30 days of Hulu by signing up at tiny.cc/tshulu to check out the subject of this episode!!


 21 May 2018  1h11m