The Story

History builds the present. Where we are today is a result of where we have been. Yet, some of the stories that got us here have remained in the shadows. And the true stories of the people and inventions that have built our world are often lost to time. Our only hope for building a better future is to truly understand what got us to the present. From the famous, to the infamous, to the never heard of, these are the unknown backstories of people who have changed the world. In Season 8, award-winning actor Alec Baldwin uncovers the little known backstories of veterans who have built companies, products, and brands that have changed the way we live.



episode 5: The After Show Week 1

Welcome to The Story after show! This is where we’ll do a deeper dive into the most recent episodes. In this week's after show, the host of The Story, Chad Grills, interviews special guests Stephanie Postles and Ian Faison. They highlight: 

  • their favorite stories and insights from this week's episodes
  • pieces of these women's stories that we wanted to cover in the episodes, but didn't get to
  • the importance of historical biographies, and keeping the character's identity hidden until the end
  "...Everyone from Elon Musk to Oprah to Steve Jobs cite historical fiction as being crucial to their success.” (click to tweet!) There might even be some teasers toward the end of the after show that hint at who we're highlighting in next week's episodes!  Stay tuned for next week as we continue to bring on fun surprise guests! The Mission is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, so you never know who might stop by.


 16 March 2018  33m