The Story

History builds the present. Where we are today is a result of where we have been. Yet, some of the stories that got us here have remained in the shadows. And the true stories of the people and inventions that have built our world are often lost to time. Our only hope for building a better future is to truly understand what got us to the present. From the famous, to the infamous, to the never heard of, these are the unknown backstories of people who have changed the world. In Season 8, award-winning actor Alec Baldwin uncovers the little known backstories of veterans who have built companies, products, and brands that have changed the way we live.



episode 10: The After Show Week 2

Welcome to The Story After Show, Week 2!  In this week's show, the host of The Story, Chad Grills, talks with Stephanie Postles (COO of The Mission) and Ian Faison (CCO of The Mission) where they highlight: 

  • the four BIG ideas/principles that come from the stories this week that feature Tania Aebi, Madeleine L’Engle, Patricia Bath, and Billie Jean King 
  • Plus, they show you how to apply these big ideas to your own life
Women's History Month is drawing to a close. If you enjoyed our first Season of The Story, be sure to let us know on the socials! We're already hard at work on Season 2 and Season 3.  We hope you enjoy this After Show. Whether you work in: business, technology, a startup, or something completely different, it's our goal to create an after show that helps give you actionable ideas and tactics to apply to your own life to increase your health, wealth, and wisdom! 


 23 March 2018  20m