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503. Treading Through Merukimon Waters

More ways to listen: Web • YouTube • SoundCloud • Overcast Like they always say, actions speak louder than birds— it's fightin' time again! Kristy gets and loses a bird, Marcus rises, we meet Keenan, Thomas manpains, Keenan's bird helps out, Yoshi rearranges her flower into a different flower, and then Merukimon sends everyone home. In this episode, we discuss at this season's unique pacing, Jeff looks at Data Squad's compelling use of Digimon death mechanics, Ashley talks about walls, and we debut a new segment! (spoiler alert: vending machine) Thanks for listening! Episodes Covered: (digimon go to the polls to rate these episodes!)

  • Ep 12: "The Digi-Egg That Fell to Earth"
  • Ep 13: "The Rise of RizeGreymon!"
  • Ep 14: "The Wild Boy of the Digital World"
  • Ep 15: "The Gorge of Deception!"
  • Ep 16: "Falcomon: Friend or Foe?!"
  • Ep 17: "Yoshi's Biggest Battle: The One with Herself"
  • Ep 18: "The Clash With Merukimon!"
Weekly Question: Which Data Squad character has the best backstory and why? (Email us a voicemail with your answer!) ◿ Intro [0:00:00]
  • Captain Falcon (F-Zero character)
  • “The Second Coming” (poem by W. B. Yeats)
  • Your Lie in April
◿ General [0:04:23]
  • Thomas H. Norstein
  • Yoshino Fujieda
  • Merukimon
  • Keenan
  • Marcus Damon
  • Kristy Damon
  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • MachGaogamon
  • Truck-kun
◿ Death in Digimon [0:42:05]
  • Frigimon
  • One Piece
◿ Why Walls Don't Work [0:50:17]
  • Merukimon
  • "The World is Full of Walls That Don’t Work"
  • "Native History: White Child Abducted by Delaware Embraced Native Life"
◿ Game Show Gattai [1:01:46]
  • Lightning #1: Which DATS agent would have the best halloween costume?
  • Lightning #2: Which DATS agent would enjoy Thor Ragnarok the most?
  • Digi-Feud: Ashley vs. Jeff
    • Keenan (Ikuto) spends most of his childhood in the Digital World. If you could take one human character from Digimon Seasons 1-4 (Adventure, 02, Tamers, or Frontier) and rewrite their history so that they grew up in the Digital World, who would it be?
  • Lightning #3: Which DATS agent would know the most memes?
  • Lightning #4: Which is the better DATS computer operator?
  • Prediction Jurisdiction: Ashley vs. Asher
    • How would you rank the first 5 seasons of Digimon?
    • Bonus: Who is better: Miki or Megumi?
◿ Unanswered Questions [1:22:59]
  • Biyomon
◿ RDD [1:27:37]
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Doogie Howser, M.D.
◿ Gender Quiz [1:34:04]
  • Free Online Gender Quiz
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
◿ Terminal Judgment [1:41:05]
  • Kamemon
◿ Plugs [1:48:12]
  • Ashley: The Better Angels of Our Nature
  • Asher: Doki Doki Literature Club!
  • Andrew: Mini exercies bikes
  • Jeff: Juni Taisen
◿ Outro [1:55:54] You can find the full show notes for this episode at http://podigious.com/503/. Subscribe and leave a review in iTunes. Special Thanks Our intro music is “Here We Go” by Jason Gochin, and our transition and outro music is “I'm Going Digital” by Jasan Radford. Both are available on the soundtrack for Digimon: The Movie. Follow us on social media: Twitter • Tumblr • Facebook


 12 December 2017  2h5m