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Ep. 49: Fuck the's the Best Punk of 2017

Fuck the Grammys, it's the Grampys....Grandpa Punk picks his favorite releases of 2017. Music from PMS84, Cinderblock, Booji Boys, Rixe, Pressing On and more. Song - Artist Making Good - Exit Order Easy Way Out - PMS 84 Shit On Your Future - Pressing On Introvert - Flowers Of Evil On My Own - On The Ropes Suffocate - Career Suicide Degenerate - No Time What's Your Excuse? - Who Killed Spikey Jacket? No Future - Cinderblock Right And Reason - Shipwrecked Blue Lives Murder - D-CON Cellophane - No Negative 1999 - Moral Panic Creep Space 1999 III (Pt.2) (Party Like It's (Cromagnum P.I.)) - Radiation Risks Tenter Le Diable - Rixe Rut - No Time More Thana Friend - Liquids The Beyond - Adult Magic Scab - Fatigue Recognitions - Glue Future Officer - Impalers Fuck To Survive - Concealed Blade Socialite Stomp - The Uglies Booji Boys - Sister - Various Living a Lie - Proto Idiot March Of The Tarantula - Tarantüla Who Am I, Who Are You? - Haram TRUMP - The Führers Of The United States Of America Meet Me In The Street - Sheer Mag Right Side Of History - Death Ridge Boys Away - Bed Wettin' Bad Boys


 03 March 2018  1h9m